So after fighting tooth and nail with Linux permissions, I up and nuked everything and just moved the blog and its repo under my home directory instead of /var/so_on_and_so_forth. I also had to nuke the Docker image I created to host the content, but that wasn’t really an issue. In retrospect, I strongly suspect that I can forego the image from the git go and just do a standard docker run and mount the website’s root via a volume. I’ll look into it later. As for automating the build process, the guys and gals over at Jekyll sure do have a page on how to do this and it sure does have the exact scripting I need to slap into a post-receive githook to get things rolling. I had to make a minor tweak as my install may be somewhat non-standard, but it’s a minor change at worst. I’ll have to sit down and make a “Jackass’s guide” on how to get this all set up at some point. The Jekyll site has some killer documentation, but people like me (read: idiots) do better to have it as one rolling guide. A few have come close and you can get where you need via hopping from one guide to the other, but the scopes rarely align and with Linux it’s the little things that cause the most trouble.